The Tenants of Coollattin Estate 1868


This database is based on the survey taken of tenants living on the Fitzwilliam Estate, Coollattin, Co Wicklow, Ireland in April 1868. It was recorded in 4 volumes which are held in the National Library of Ireland (Mss. 3996-3999). Similar surveys were taken in 1827, 1839, 1848, 1850 and 1860. The material contained in the database is the property of the Board of the National Library of Ireland and is reproduced with their permission. The database was compiled by Ann Hanley ( who holds a Diploma in Genealogy/Family History from UCD.


The database may be viewed in pdf format on Surname.april.2014 (surname order) or Townlands.april.2014 (townland order).


The database lists almost 2,000 tenants and contains 12 fields:

A.    Name – the surname and first name of the tenant.

B.     Townland – the name of the townland in which the holding was situated. In some cases townlands were grouped together and were recorded as follows:

Bullingate (Bullingate and Glenystoke)

Farnees (Farnees, Currevanish, Bridgeland and Rathinteigue)

Gurteen (Gurteen and Fairwood)

Killibegg (Killibegg and Killeleagh)

Park (Park, Coolruss and Drumin)

Tomcoyle (Tomcoyle and Tankersley)

Towerboy (Towerboy, Ballinguile and Sleanamore).

C.     Occupation – the occupation or trade of the tenant.

D.    Age – the age of a male tenant.

E.     Age w – the age of the tenant’s wife or of the tenant herself if a spinster or widow.

F.      Sons – the number of sons of the tenant living on the holding.

G.    Daughters – the number of daughters of the tenant living on the holding.

H.    Serv m – the number of male servants living on the holding.

I.       Serv f – the number of female servants living on the holding.

J.       Other m – the number of other males living on the holding.

K.    Other f – the number of other females living on the holding.

L.     Remarks – may record personal information or refer to a second family or others living on the holding. It noted if the tenant was an executor or representative of a deceased tenant.

The details given regarding the size of the holding or the condition of houses and outbuildings are not recorded in the database.